January, 2009

January 30, 2009


18 Responses to “January, 2009”

  1. ariannacarle Says:

    I love it. It turned out really well for a first issue.


  2. lollypop301 Says:

    I Agree,
    I Just Love It,
    I Think This Will Turn Out Big!

  3. Unknown Says:

    It’s great but some of the words are cut off and it’s hard to read.

  4. glamgirl72 Says:

    It’s fa-bu-lous! Great job Lindseys!

  5. Critic Says:

    It’s not anything near Style Magazine, and it needs little improvements like:

    1.) The words ‘REVIVAL’ should be behind the model, not on the model’s head
    2.) You should name who the model on the front is like ‘Kasia Font Is Back’ or something
    3.) You should say the writers NAMES, not usernames
    4.)Background colors should be different for each article, and each article should have a model / graphic
    5.)For the interview, you should put Q. and A.
    6.)There should be WAY more pictures of Kasia

    So good luck, and remember – there’s always room for improvment..

    Magazine Critic..

  6. Mia Says:

    Oh. My. God. I love it! Especially ”The Secret Life of A Birkin Bag”.

  7. looc123 Says:

    Thats awesome! Great first issue

  8. xxdrivebylove Says:

    I really like the outcome. I just wish I got to do something more! Haha 😀

  9. Emma Says:

    It’s absolutely amazing, Lindsay.
    I love it! Very well done 🙂


  10. Okay Says:

    not a horrible first issue but not as good as I thought! there were so many graphic issues but either than that pretty good.


  11. …and this is what i was waiting for all these days.
    Oh well, Yours Truly Dana Carlton.

  12. LadyBug00 Says:

    The arm on Kasia looks like it belongs to that gay-beyond-repair tellytubby, named Tinky Dinky or something. And everyone was bragging about this load of crap about how “ahmazing” it was going to be.

  13. writemarycat Says:

    Hah better try harder if you wanna beat Edge…make that ALOT harder. Lindsey there is way too much going on in the backrounds, your graphics no too good, I don’t see enough Kasia and I basically agree with everything Magazine Critic said. My magazine will be yours all the way into the dust. Buh-byee!
    -Mary x

  14. 5/5

    Go and follow now my blog

  15. fruxo_hoppsan Says:

    Wow. Everything is perfect. I love the pictures. This issue really shows effort! Well done ;D

    , Linnea<3

  16. stylewatch_ Says:

    First off, Lindsey GREAT Job. I loved it – it was AMAZING. Second of all, whoever is posing of me, STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I would never say something so rude to my good friend. Oh, and I don’t type like that. IT’S NOT ‘YOUR’ IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE’YOU’RE’!

    Gosh, people grow up!


  17. dsfisdfhSRHN Says:

    The front is not very good. It needs a lot of work. The model on the front needs to be striking, not sl*tty. And Kasia is a striking person, and you ruined her.

  18. Visitor:D Says:

    It’s Great But I Think The Pictures Can Be Better :L

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